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The Knowledge Sharing Economy for Bike Tour Operators

What is Cycle Cities?

We are the world's greatest bike tour operators... all in one community. 

Why should you be a part of it?

  • Show the world you're a quality, approved operator
  • Make better business decisions
  • Save money as we bulk-buy together
  • Receive more direct bookings 
  • Join our online and face-to-face Symposiums

WATCH: Director Steve Kopandy talking about the benefits...


Here's what our Partners have to say:

I'm enjoying every bit of it and happy to be part of the Cycles Network ... It's meeting likeminded people in the industry and helping to grow our business from the experiences of the other companies. 

Everybody wants to help each other. You can openly talk.

Give it a shot to see if it's something for you ... even if it's just for one year to just see how great the environment is.  

- Daniel Holder, Director, Radius Tours Munich

When I heard about Cycle Cities I was small and learning about this business. I wanted to see how it was being done internationally and professionally.

I can easily tell everybody that they should be a part of this family.

 - Cem Balsun, Director, Istanbul on Bike

There is a lot of diversity within Cycle Cities. You have some operators who are located in really big cities like Berlin, London or Barcelona, but you also have operators who operate in smaller cities ... so you really get a lot of different perspectives on how to run bike tours. 

You will not be doing vague or general talks about tourism. You will specifically talk about electric bikes, how to recruit guides, how to do school groups, how regulations work in different countries, which re-sellers work and don't work.

-Ari Apteker, Director, Antwerp by Bike

Our Mission:

"To create a thriving community of bike tour operators and enthusiasts, supporting each other, bonding over common interests, and delivering the best possible customer experiences".

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